Why choose Corvidae?


The focus of Corvidae Music is to provide a service for singer/songwriters who wish to record a full sounding demo without the need to hire multiple musicians to provide backing tracks, or extensive programmed tracks that sound stiff and artificial. Since Jonathan plays a wide variety of instruments at a high standard of proficiency, there is little or no need to involve any other expensive studio musicians, he acts as engineer, producer, and session musicians all in one person. If session musicians are required though, Corvidae Music can recommend some very capable and professional players for whichever instrument is needed.

The advantage of this is that it greatly simplifies the creative process and keeps costs down.

How the "Songwriter Service" Works

Initially, a meeting with Jonathan as a producer will yield a game plan for the songs to be recorded, where an arrangement will be agreed upon and an estimation of how long it will take for the recording process.

Once that's done, record your vocal and accompanying instrument, either on your own, or at Corvidae Music, where the tracks are used as guide tracks and then any number of instruments are added to the arrangement. Those instruments include bass, guitar (acoustic, electric, bottleneck slide), drums, keyboards, and hand percussion, and those are just what is immediately on hand.

Once the band instruments are added, then a final vocal take and any other additional tracks are needed to be added are done. Then the song is mixed, mastered, and transferred to media of your choice. A typical arrangement will take about 12 hours to yield a finished song, depending on the complexity.

Other Services Available

Internet-based Collaboration: The Songwriter package can also be done as an Internet based collaboration, several of the projects that Corvidae Music has worked on took place without the client ever actually on-site or even within the same province!

Mobile Recording: Corvidae Music's recording system is also mobile, so if you're more comfortable recording in your own living room, or want to record somewhere like that stone church in your town that has fantastic acoustics, it's all possible. Travel expenses may apply for sessions that require travel outside the Ottawa area.

Mixing Services: Already recorded your tracks at home or in another studio but can't quite get it to sound the way you want? Corvidae Music has an excellent selection of plugins including many of the world-class Universal Audio plugins, along with many other excellent plugins and outboard gear resulting in a top-notch mix.

Mastering: Got a finished mix that sounds great but needs to be turned up to 11 for it to sound right? Mastering is that process that brings your mix up to broadcast volume standards and generally polishes the final mix without fundamentally changing the overall sound of it. Corvidae Music uses the Universal Audio Precision Mastering Suite for the mastering process.

*Mixing and mastering services can also be done over the internet via track upload to Corvidae's FTP server.

Session Musician: Jonathan is available for sessions (fretted, fretless, and upright bass, acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals) and/or act as producer for projects at other studios. Tracks can be recorded at Corvidae or at any outside studio, and willing to travel for other projects. Available for touring as well.